Residential Building

Residential Building

With the aid of our technologically advanced products, we can offer construction at economical prices. Adroit team of professionals working at CIVILCO keeps a close eye on all the stages of construction starting right from the procurement of the raw materials to the completion.

It covers the following aspects:

• Construction

• Finishes

• All other aspects

Residential Building

Building a home is one thing. Building one where you are really at home is quite a challenge. CIVILCO’s one of the most important considerations when designing a building is the extent to which it provides an environment that is comfortable for its occupants.

Comfort in the built environment is affected by a great number of different factors which can, if not addressed properly, can lead to poor levels of comfort, discomfort, or can even cause harm and ill health to occupants.

CIVILCO assures the comfort and reliability of the occupants regarding each and every factor to make the residence go smooth.

Aspects of comfort include; personal factors, health and wellbeing, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, visual comfort, noise nuisance, and so on.

CIVILCO also takes care of Human comfort as Human Comfort can also be affected by the quality of ventilation in a building. Ventilation is necessary for buildings to remove ‘stale’ air and replace it with ‘fresh’ air, as well as to prevent overheating.

Ventilation is an important factor in the edifice of a building. Ventilation systems may also include heating, cooling, filtration, and humidity control.

Climate Change can make the buildings go vulnerable to it. In the future, there may be an increase in the risk of collapse, declining health, and significant loss of value as a result of more storms, snow or subsidence damage, water encroachment, deteriorating indoor climate, and reduced building lifetime.

CIVILCO with a panel of experienced workers also shows vigilance towards the Hot & Cold weatherproofing procedure to prevent the building from any circumstances.

We ensure the client’s comfort in each and every aspect. Taking visual comfort as an important feature. Visual Comfort is important because natural light varies all the time, ensuring a constant quality of light involves controlling its intensity. This can mean either reducing too much incoming light by shading or compensating for low light levels with artificial light. Increasingly sophisticated control systems can manage all these variables, and help achieve a successful balance in the combined use of artificial light and daylight.

Residence Essentials:

bathroom, luxury, luxury bathroom


More than any other room in the house, it is the bathroom that lends itself to lavish displays of luxury. Today’s homeowners demand premium bathroom amenities that rival those of the finest hotels.

Civilco consider to edifice the luminescent imaginary depiction of the well-reputed and owner of an upright prestigious architects of the town. Civilco also includes its own architects on the board.

An excellent bathroom is defined by how much work you put into it. Therefore, it is essential to have all the essentials to help you maintain and upgrade your bathroom to the right standards.

Indoor plumbing with a scintillating luminescence and magnificent scheme of colors and designs over the floor and on walls with the attribute of tiles, marbles or granite, and paint that allures the seeing eye will be settled in according to the client’s comfort.

Moderating Kitchens


The kitchen is the workhorse of the home, so it should be designed to suit multiple functions. From millwork to backsplashes, color palettes, and design styles.

CIVILCO set a trend to move away from uniformity. This can include introducing layers of textured contrasting surfaces using pops of vivid color and kitchen cabinetry designed to look more like furniture so it integrates into open-plan kitchen spaces.

We take on changes to floor levels or materials—glass partitions, partial walls, shelving—are another strong look. Extending the design to incorporate the ceiling and bring the sixth wall to life. Mesmerized drawers take the beauty to another level along with providing an encased effect losing the classic top-shelf.

CIVILCO is intrigued by the geometry of kitchens and how clients want to celebrate the luxury of their luminescent imaginary.

Indoor plumbing with a coruscating luminescence and spectacular scheme of colors and designs over the floor and on the countertops with the attribute of tiles, marbles or granite and paint that catches the Eye will be settled in according to the client’s comfort.

kitchen, cabinet, counter

Prepossessing Drawing Room

The drawing-room: The very words conjure up images of grand gatherings from a glamorous, distant age. A curtailment of withdrawing, the drawing-room was a great house’s private room to withdraw to from a public space, where residents and their guests could retreat to ornate reception rooms for lavish after- set to chamber music, for a polite conversation with visiting royalty, or, perhaps, a rubber of bridge.

CIVILCO tries to dive in Lux finishes which are a must: marble, hardwood, limestone, and, as favored by Sheppard, color-rich upholstered panels or linen wallpaper to create an “enveloping space with a soft residential quality. We encourage our clients to be bolder and more experimental in these areas.

We are concerned to benefit the client by our services and to engross them towards the opulent edifice of their place.

A pleasant selection towards the glare of LIGHTS which leads to the leisure of crystallography and luster which pleasures the scene and the scheme and patterns for the attribute of tiles and marbles for the flooring with the high roof ceiling which catches the attention of the eye.


Credo Of Lounging In


You could be looking for a way to liven up your lounge or restyle a sitting room, snug, or den. And the experts here at CIVILCO know exactly how to create a comfortable space where the household can relax, however much you have to spend.

Taking care of the household is our responsibility and to provide a comfort zone to them therefore we rest assure that each and every single entity must be put at ease for the homeowners.

modern minimalist lounge, sea view, window
bed, plaid, pattern

Philosophy Of Bed Rooms

Your bedrooms are arguably the most important rooms in your house. After all, the master bedroom is where you both start and end your day. Discover truly creative headboard feature wall designs that incorporate extruded panels and integrated LED strips that will set your imagination all a glow.

CIVILCO offers a great quality of construction and designs that marvel the view and depict the scene of a glamour holding place. Now the Homeowners desire to make their bedrooms a place of lux, where they can broaden up their minds and can give themselves a level of integrating into a vivid tenure of life.

We desire to bestow a premium quality of construction and implement the design of the rooms as per the instructions and comfort of the client.

Hallway Fascination


Our hallway is your home’s calling card—and first impressions are vital.

CIVILCO is presenting a flavor of the architecture and decor that awaits, and revealing the first, tantalizing glimpse of your personality, the entrance hall to your home is a wonderful opportunity to at once welcome and wow your guests.

Entering a home through an appealing front door leading to an attractive entry foyer entices you to want to step farther in… to see what’s to come. Although the design features can still soothe as well as exciting.

house, condo, live

Outdoor Symmetry: Porch

The porch is a first-sight view of a person who comes to the avenue in certain. A porch is a room or gallery located in front of an entrance of a building. A porch is placed in front of the facade of a building it commands and forms a low front.

Alternatively, it may be a vestibule or a projecting building that houses the entrance door of a building. The stability and sloping of the porch are very salient towards the era of construction. A perfect porch attains a versatile size and location in which the vehicles and other accessories may get fasten easily and at a certain glimpse.


The finishing work in a construction project is arguably the most important component of a building. This is especially so in residential construction, where the eventual owner will be living once the keys are handed over.

We add finishing touches to a residential construction project which is also the final chance to add character and detail to the building.

We Believe looks aren’t everything of course, but CIVILCO keeps in mind that it is important not to devalue the aesthetics of a building. Whether it’s a block of flats or a single residence, the building will be someone’s home.


So, we provide a quality finish that should be the goal from the outset, be it the color of the walls or the tiling of the bathroom – everything goes towards creating an end product that everyone can be proud of and excited to live in.

The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving. The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving.

With the continuously changing architecture and home design trends, windows have come a long way from classic Victorian to modern minimalist designs. However, their purpose of brightening and enhancing the interiors has remained constant.

interior, living room, furniture

CIVILCO prefers perfection towards the finishes along with the satisfaction of the client.

Beautification of the Walls of the residence is one of the major factors in captivating finishing work. The scheme of the paint and colors which embellish the walls is the thing, every homeowner wants. In the enhancement of beauty and attraction the adding up of niches in different styles and patterns and the attachment.

Flooring Features Matters

Flooring trends change throughout the years as homeowners acquire new tastes and technology allows a larger variety of flooring designs for their remodeling project. Medium brown tones struck the right note with homeowners. Flooring finishes ranging from ebony to driftwood became very popular.

Lightning Schedule

A pleasant selection towards the glare of LIGHTS leads to the leisure of crystallography and luster which pleasures the scene and with a scintillating luminescence ensures the beauty and attracts the eye.

Finishing also includes basic fixtures, Ironmongery, switches & sockets, and much


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